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Here are some key points to consider when selecting a contractor for your painting needs:

Seek Recommendations--Solicit the names of painting contractors from neighbors and acquaintances. Ask if they were happy with the work performed. Another good source of referrals is your paint store or decorating center.

Check out the Contractor's Work--Since you may have different standards, expectations or needs, do not rely totally on the opinion of others. Go out and see some homes the contractors have painted. Most professionals will be glad to provide the names and addresses of previous customers.

Confirm Insurance Coverage--Ask if the contractor has liability insurance and request a copy of the "Liability of Insurance." Be sure to hire a contractor who carries liability insurance or you could be held responsible for injuries he or his crew sustain while working on your property.

Check affiliations--Find out if your contractor belongs to your local or national painting contractor associations. Membership is one indicator of reliability.

Get estimates--For a fair comparison, get at least three estimates and confirm that the bids are based on the same materials and workmanship. The estimate should include:
-Type, brand and quality of paint
-Details on surface preparation, i.e. whether the bid includes scraping, sanding, pressure washing, caulking, and priming
-Number of coats to be applied
-The process of how the paint will be applied, i.e. spray, brush or roll

Insist on a written contract--Make sure the contractor provides a signed document containing the details of the work to be performed. Key items are specifics that appear in the estimate, as well as payment terms and timing for the work to be completed.

*Pinnacle Painting, Inc. is a registered contractor in the State of Washington (Reg.#PINNAP1990KM). Contractor registration may be verified by calling the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries at (800) 647-0982, ext. 3. We are bonded in accordance with Washington State contractor requirements. Our insurance includes general business coverage with General Liability and Worker's Compensation policies.